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Miscellaneous information, tips and tricks

Stones, shape and volume

I use stones in a variety of shapes: aleatoric also known as « rolled stones », cut, or cabochons (round, square, or oval).

Although I can attempt to duplicate from drawings of some of my prior creations, please note that they are all unique and handmade. None of them can be recreated exactly. The stones themselves are natural, with variable colors and luminosity.

In the case of cabochons, I can set black agate, aventurine, cornelian, white or grey mother of pearl, and in some cases amber and amethyst.

For rolled or faceted stones, the products are proposed for sale within the limits of available stock.

Measure a stone

If you want to provide your own stone for me to set and receive a quote, please indicate in millimeters :
  • the width
  • the length
  • the thickness
and also if the stone is :
  • A cabochon (round, square, or oval)
  • Facet cut
  • Or polished (aleatory rolled stone).

Please contact me if you would like to send a photograph of your stone.

Care and maintenance of your pieces of jewellery

Amber, turquoise, mother of pearl and lapis-lazuli are fragile and sensitive stones and should not be immersed in water.

As a general rule, do not use detergents on any stones.

If the pH of your epidermis is acid, avoid putting perfume directly on your skin when wearing jewels. Indeed, the more acidic the pH, the more metals oxidize.
Conversely a neutral pH makes the metals gleam.

To clean silver jewelry, simply use dishwashing liquid with water and rub strenuously around the stone with a very soft brass-bristle brush or a hard brush (never steel). In order to protect the stone, cover it with your thumb while cleaning the silver, and then dry it well.

Trick: to clean gold, use mustard.

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