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Nathalie Iuso's biography

Designer and creator of pieces of jewellery and fashion accessories, I learned the jeweller profession by the techniques of setting stone and wire.

In 1995, I presented my first collection at contemporary art markets in Paris, then until 1998 I took jewellery lessons, found a lovely studio and created my firm.

In July 2000, I joined the « Designer Corner » of the Forum des Halles in Paris, where I presented my collections at the boutique 105A.

In June 2013, the « Designer Corner » was closed due to a major renovation of the Forum des Halles, so I launch a new shop called « le Studio 14 » rue Chappe in Montmartre near the Sacré Coeur basilica in Paris, where I present my new collections of jewellery and fashion accessories.

Mainly composed of unique pieces, all my creations are handmade and designed in my studio in Paris.
Between the Baroque and Art deco, my inspiration is coming from shapes and colors of gemstones that I set with silver, brass (or gold exclusively made to order).

I also designed original creations for marriage, gala, fashion show, theater, private collection, made to measure, happening...

To mention some of them:

  • Summer catalogue - Zappa - Paris
    Bracelets and necklaces
  • Fashion show Piaget (private collection) - Hong Kong, Co-realised with Sally Ruddock-Rivière (Costumer)
    Metal dress and accessories.
  • Theater piece « The Beast and the Beauty » - Paris, Performance by Guy Grimberg at the Cirque d'Hiver
    Medallion of the prince
  • Fashion show Simone Pérèle - Paris
    Metal helmet and accessories
  • Private order for the Prix de Diane at the Chantilly racecourse.
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