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Pieces of jewellery currently available online

To purchase a creation listed on this page, please use our order form.
Delivery within Europe generally takes one week (three weeks for USA and Australia), after we receive your payment.

  • Bague_Aldine_-_grenat_et_argent_190€.jpg
    Ring Aldine - garnet and silver 190€
  • Bague_Axorys_-_perle_de_Tahiti_et_argent_150€.jpg
    Ring Axorys - Tahitian pearl and silver 150€
  • Bague_Kalien_-_iolites_facettees_et_argent_220€.jpg
    Ring Kalien - faceted iolites and silver 220€
  • Bague_Liade_-_iolites_facettees_et_argent_220€.jpg
    Ring Liade - faceted iolites and silver 220€
  • Bague_Lionna_-_iolites_facettees_et_argent_195€.jpg
    Ring Lionna - faceted iolites and silver 195€
  • Bague_Sunyday_-_quartz_fume_argent_et_or_250€.jpg
    Ring Sunyday - smoky quartz silver and gold 250€
  • Bague_Tohunga_-_perle_de_Tahiti_et_argent_220€.jpg
    Ring Tohunga - Tahitian pearl and silver 220€
  • Boucles_d_oreilles_Triss_-_grenat_et_argent_85€.jpg
    Earrings Triss - garnet and silver 85€
  • Bracelet_Hashtag_-_turquoise_et_argent_85€.jpg
    Bracelet Hashtag - turquoise and silver 85€
  • Broche_Hermyone_-_labradorite_et_argent_53€.jpg
    Brooche Hermyone - labradorite and silver 53€
  • Collier_Ambroisine_-_amethyste_et_argent_580€.jpg
    Necklace Ambroisine - amethyst and silver 580€
  • Collier_Sabah_-_nacre_et_laiton_85€.jpg
    Necklace Sabah - mother of pearl and brass 85€
  • Pendentif_Anka_-_citrine_facettee_et_argent_245€.jpg
    Pendant Anka - faceted citrine and silver 245€
  • Pendentif_Floralie_-_nacre_et_argent_85€.jpg
    Pendant Floralie - mother of pearl and silver 85€
  • Pendentif_Nianfo_-_amethyste_et_argent_380€.jpg
    Pendant Nianfo - amethyst and silver 380€
  • Sautoir_Latika_-_aigue_marine_et_argent_90€.jpg
    Sautoir Latika - aquamarine and silver 90€
  • Sautoir_Locride_-_jade_et_argent_78€.jpg
    Sautoir Locride - jade and silver 78€
  • Sautoir_Oona_-_labradorite_et_argent_75€.jpg
    Sautoir Oona - labradorite and silver 75€
Ask a question
  • For rings in most cases, we can adjust the size, indicate yours during order.
    However if it was impossible, we will send another proposal to you.
  • The size of necklaces and pendants is unique, from 42 to 50 cm, thanks to an extender chain of 8cm to adjust it.
  • The pendants and the necklaces are sold with chains present on the photos.
  • Available in three sizes: small (16-17 cm), medium (17-19 cm) and large (19-21 cm).
    Measure your wrist using a tape measure, then add 1.5 cm if you want a tight fit or 3 cm if you prefer a looser fit.
  • Earrings are available with studs, leverback, hooks, studs (with butterfly backing) or clips present on the photos.
  • The wrap-earrings are sold individually.
  • The stem of the Hairstick measure 10 cm.

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All pieces of jewellery of this site are handmade by Nathalie Iuso in her workshop in Paris.