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Gemstones and materials available

Presentation of organic and mineral elements set in pieces of jewellery

I set all sorts of gems, precious stones, fine stones, rocks, and organic materials.
In order to compare these different elements here is a table, including pictures.

Gems, precious stones, fine stones and organic materials
Name View Type Specie Color Luster Streak
agate fine stone mineral red, green, yellow, blue or black vitreous white
aquamarine fine stone mineral light blue vitreous white
amber organic resin
pale yellow, red brown, green brown transparent
or matt
amethyst fine stone mineral purple, violet vitreous white
ametrine fine stone mineral yellow, lilac, purple vitreous white
aventurine fine stone mineral green vitreous white
bull's eye (or Taurus's eye) fine stone mineral rust, ochre, black vitreous white, yellow-brown
cat's eye fine stone mineral white, green vitreous white
chrysocolla fine stone mineral blue, blue-green, green vitreous to dull white, grey to blue-green
citrine fine stone mineral yellow vitreous white
coral organic animal red opaque -
cornelian fine stone mineral brownish-red vitreous white
cristal of stone (quartz) fine stone mineral colorless white vitreous white
leather tanned skin organic various glistening, matt -
diamond precious stone mineral translucent to grey adamantine colorless
emerald precious stone mineral green vitreous white
raw emerald fine stone mineral green matt white
fossil sedimentary rocks processus taphonomic various opaque -
garnet fine stone mineral red to red-brown vitreous to resinous white
hawk's eye fine stone mineral grey, blue, silvery, black vitreous Yellow-brown
hematite (or haematite) fine stone mineral steel grey metallic, "mirror" effect red, brown
hypersthene fine stone mineral black, grey, brown, green vitreous to silky grey, white, green
iolite ("viola stone" or cordierite) fine stone mineral grey, blue, colorless or pale blue vitreous to matt white, grey
iron's eye (or Tiger Iron or Mugglestone) fine stone mineral bluish gray, yellow, crimson, black vitreous white
jade (jadeite and nephrite) fine stone mineral green and variable vitreous to fat white
jasper sediment stone mineral or stone white, tan, green, brown, pink... glistening, vitreous, matt, fat white
lapis lazuli fine stone igneous rock blue, white, mottled of calcite and coppered pyrite matt light blue
labradorite fine stone mineral light green to dark green, multicolor, dark blue, gilded green with black on the back vitreous white
mellite (honeystone) organic mineral yellow, gilded brown, red, white, colorless resinous, vitreous, silky, fat white
malachite fine stone mineral green, blackish green, light green, dark green vitreous, adamantine, silky, matt, fat, earthy light green, pale green
mother of pearl organic animal pigments from yellow to purple vitreous -
obsidian glass of siliceous rock volcanic glass (mineraloide) grey, dark green, red, black vitreous white
Australian Opal fine stone mineraloide various vitreous, resinous white
ethiopian Opal fine stone mineraloide various vitreous, resinous white
peridot (or olivine) fine stone mineral green vitreous white
cultured pearl organic animal (mineraloide) white, grey, black vitreous -
moonstone (or adularia) fine stone mineral colorless, white, milky opalescent white
pietersite fine stone mineral various vitreous -
prehnite fine stone mineral colorless, green, leek vitreous white
pyrite pierre fine mineral grey metal metallic, glistening green-black, brown
smoky quartz fine stone mineral brown to black vitreous white
pink quartz fine stone mineral pink vitreous white
rutilated quartz (or quartz with rutile) fine stone mineral colorless and bright yellow or dark red adamantine, glistening, submetallic white
ruby precious stone mineral red adamantine, vitreous white
raw ruby fine stone mineral red vitreous, matt white
sapphire precious stone mineral blue, yellow, pink, green, white adamantine, vitreous white
spinel fine stone mineral red, blue, green, brown, black, colorless, yellow, pink, orange, purple vitreous, matt white, greyish, white grey
tanzanite fine stone mineral blue, colorless, grey, white, brown greenish or yellowish, pink pearly, vitreous white or colorless
tiger's eye fine stone mineral brown, yellow, black vitreous blue-grey, brown-gold, yellow
topaz (or chrysolite) fine stone mineral colorless to white, blue, greenish, brown yellow, orange, pink, greenish, purple, brown, vitreous white
turquoise fine stone mineral blue, blue-green, green waxy to subvitreous white pale blue
tourmaline fine stone mineral black and various vitreous white
xanthoconite fine stone mineral dark orange, brown, yellow citron adamantine orange, yellow
zirconium (or zircon) fine stone mineral colorless, blue, yellow, green, purple, brown, red, orange vitreous, adamantine white
Name View Type Specie Color Luster Streak
Streak plate with Pyrite and Rhodochrosite

NB :

  • The streak or « powder color » in gemology is the process used to confirm certain determinations of a mineral, indeed the trait is not influenced by impurities. It is obtained by rubbing the mineral on the frosted surface of unglazed porcelain;

  • Since the decree of January 2002 using the term « semi-precious » to describe a stone in commerce is prohibited in France, this is the reason why on this website, the stones of this old classification are named « fine ».

You can also provide your own stone (brought back from a trip, offered by a lover...) for me to set, for further information, see the section: set your stone.

And, if you want you can visit the crystals gallery, with nice pictures of gems and natural stones taken at the exhibition "order in chaos" at the natural history museum "La Specola" of Florence.

The information on this page are given for information only. The photographs are non-contractual.